Website content plan three words definitely fine Jane and deep

Hello, I’m writing second articles to Shao Bo and new year.

years ago to help a customer site diagnosis, the other is the industry website of a company investment, invested a lot of advertising is also good, but the user has to walk stay, let me help him judgement is wrong. The friends who have read my article all know that I plan to make websites and advocate three big blocks of users, brands and profits. These three blocks need to be embodied and expressed. Website user problems needless to say the main reason is certainly the content of the website viscosity is not enough, the reason why users visit your site because the site is what he needs, if the user is advertising and the title attracted but can not find what he wants naturally go.

Guan Jian is content to attract users to retain users, no user brand, profits are the clouds, this shows the importance of content planning, then how can we plan to attract users and retain users content? Sb think website content planning in essence, Jane, three key words deep.

website content planning of the "fine" word:

what is "essence", "fine" is not much, do not spend not miscellaneous, the content of the web closely related to the theme and brand of the website. Website planning must be closely related with the website brand, column content must be closely related with the title, all in order to reflect the brand value, brand on the theme, can not avoid the column, can not do the content to do. Suggest that you can go to see, push, push a column and content, a good embodiment of "fine" word.

fine beauty is to make the site more professional, more accurate user groups, reducing the site operating costs and workload. Many websites have a very attractive and can reflect the value of the brand name, but because the operators in the planning is not "fine" is a strength of consciousness, want to do a comprehensive website that the content is too wide to spend too miscellaneous, users feel this website and ultimately reduce the value of the brand The name falls short of the reality..

website content planning "Jane" word:

what is "Jane", that is, simple and clear. Web site to do simple, clear, open the user to see what the site is to do, and have their own things. Now, the popularity of the theme style website is best proof of this. The website does not need to have how complex at all, Sina homepage is so long, how many people can pull to the bottom to see, I have no anyway, want to see what, find what, direct point navigation column to go in. Baidu is so simple, what to find is what, everyone is happy to use him.

a lot of friends in the site planning to engage in home love too dense, want to put all the things are displayed on the home page, but the results of a thankless task, not only increases the volume of "slow down the speed of users is not necessarily love. The most important and valuable part of a web page is the navigation and browser framework. The 1024*768 part is the essence of the website. It must be carefully planned

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