How does Web2 0 banner plug into the medical web site

in the pharmaceutical website, a large number of sites claiming to have entered the Web2.0 era, this is obviously a scam, and if there is a medical website claims to rely on Web2.0 to achieve profitability, it is nonsense.

since 2005 since March and April, Web2.0 concept of the Internet gradually flourished, the 2006 is rampant, but by 2007, many people began to talk about the Web2.0 has entered the winter period in the China Internet, many Web2.0 sites have a high number of registered users in the initial investment or more profitable but am, an important problem is still elusive, so many Web2.0 websites has become very difficult. As a matter of fact, I think the Web2.0 websites in China have not really survived since the beginning, and the lack of profit model is the fundamental reason why they can not become climate.

Technology innovation

blog, RSS, TAG circle, Web2.0 website has become website stickiness strong, individual medical community domestic start application of these techniques in the formation of a certain scale, finally catch a wave of avant-garde. However, due to the small circle of nature content make such a website has been no breakthrough to become the industry all concerned website, I worry about it single information and content will eventually tied the hands of their development, its final decline is more likely.

is more important, not only is the medical community website, including a large number of various types of so-called Web2.0 medical website, in fact is not to understand the business, it is difficult for enterprises in the field of investment outside to participate in the interactive website, no technology to speak of advertising investment information interaction has become the largest interactive medicine Web2.0 website, certainly this is no future.

Web2.0 is entirely possible to plug into the medical website, search drug network is undergoing a new attempt, I think more in line with the interactive features of the Web2.0 era.

, first of all, the snsn positioning of the pharmaceutical industry, will not be unable to prop up the Web2.0 banner because of the lack of content. The content will be mainly reflected in the "medicine" and "medicine" two words, rather than a single medical pharmacy website, website, but the contents are not passive release, but also includes the evaluation, comparison, trial, Witkey, blog, community and other super interactive forms embody the.

is the second in the new project "the pharmaceutical industry’s upcoming soyao mall" plan, pharmaceutical companies, retail pharmacies, Volkswagen Group will become the main vertical interaction, the interaction with all other medical websites and a few links is the biggest difference, at the same time, the pharmaceutical logistics enterprises and commercial banks will allow participation of medical health products from manufacturers to consumers only through a link of pharmacy. This serves both manufacturers, retailers and the public model, effectively solves the current medical and health products in circulation in the ills of the three parties at the same time satisfied. The website thus formed includes Bt>

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