Three let you want in the A5 document

can send a soft text in A5 propaganda their website, is every webmaster dream of things. The reason is that A5 itself has a very high weight, Baidu included almost seconds to receive, reproduced rate is extremely high, but also mostly reproduced with copyright. Casually send an article in A5, can produce at least dozens of high quality chain. Because of this, A5 has become a hotly contested spot of the webmaster, although many webmaster can be defeated, still does not reduce your spirit.

those who cast off version of the webmaster in A5 have the same feeling, feel difficult, a quiet night, almost inaccessible feeling. No wonder some webmaster said, even threw ten articles, and even a piece of through the audit are not. It’s hard to say for sure. If it’s not difficult, how can you have such a big publicity effect?. Can I contribute experience, A5 is not too high to be reached, A5 audit staff is actually quite human, as long as we approach, through the audit is actually very simple. I have the following three experience I summarized and we used to share, I hope to help in the new owners eager to dispatch A5, also hope to get the goodwill of peer leader, do not paizhuan.

, the user is supreme, remember to moan. We are giving the purpose of promotion, but in our design, this paper, this kind of thought is absolutely intolerable. The principle of "being the guest, the user is supreme" is the guarantee for our good writing. We can not let people see nothing for a long time! We can put their experience and lessons, experience and experience to share it with you, let people by reading your post income, have realized, senses, dos and don’ts, and even some evil and hate it. In short, to touch the hearts of the people, people have a certain feeling or harvest. To avoid publicity documents, making a fuss, to speak generally, Nothing is right.

two, guarantee original, don’t play pseudo original game. Want to A5 documents, but many webmaster and don’t want the strength fee, how to do? Can use the substitution, the ability to deceive. Find a few articles on the net, add head, add end, upset order, came a big combination again, pretend to be original. I thought it was perfect, but it turned out to be a pity. A little better webmaster, the use of high pseudo original method, that is, other people’s article for a title, change a meaning to remain unchanged, the statement on the OK. Do you not know that the fool search engine is OK, to escape the discernment of the A5 audit staff is fond dream. You think about what people do every day, what kind of food, what kind of article has not seen?. Therefore, if you want to send a document in A5, you must be honest and keep original. Do not ask how literary, but astepping-stone to success is the A5 of the original, not original or a A5.

three, strictly abide by regulations, do not play petty tricks, you can say, A5 issued a document is for publicity. But people A5 also have their own regulations. For example, the text part of the web site, the emergence of contact, the end part can only add a web site. We must abide by and improve the passing rate of our articles. Some webmaster is always >

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