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99 years in September, a 18 year old man walked into the university campus, he came from a little known outside the city – Hubei’s only imperial capital, beautiful Lake City, Jiangnan Yumizhixiang – Hubei Ezhou. 4 years of university work for 5 years, but also a 9, 9 years later today, although because of work reasons, he has long ago got the identity card of the provincial capital city, but he knew in his heart that he will always be in Ezhou,


verse 1: not a casual experience, maybe a lifetime of wealth,

06 years, the same in September, with the help of his family, he raised almost a down payment, and began to buy his first house in his life. When he and his hometown now many people like the idea of why the house is so expensive, why his wages ten years to buy a suite, why do I always hurt more, why he has not recall. At that time he was very confused, he had not bought any, how do you see? What? What? What? At this time he thought of the computer network, he used to open the search engine knocking at such a few words: Wuhan real estate network. Out of a lot of things, he is a net, a net to see, at this time, he slowly learned a lot, multi-storey, small high-level, high-rise, box price structure, North and south through the theft, small Huxing, point, plate and so on. Next, he began to have the choice of on-site showings, do not understand the night back to the professional property online search, property forum to ask, where enthusiastic people, of course, there is no child care. Slowly, he chose a few of his favorite, with the book to remember what is good, that money less, but Huxing is not good enough, that lot of good, but expensive. In the evening, in addition to discussions with family members, and online discussion with friends, they give each other an idea. It took more than 90 days, he bought his house now. This time, he began to think, the same has done the site, he can also do a Wuhan property network, then he will help everyone buy a house, really buy, affordable buy,


07 years, June, he is ready to decorate. Similarly, the limited amount of money, the same network, went to the same site, is also my current model, 100 million room network. He looked at the articles about the decoration carefully, but he thought he knew enough. He chose to install himself. From the Internet to get a lot of information, he also participated in a lot of building materials to buy, but also bought some things, but later found that it did not seem publicity so affordable. 3 months passed, and in September, he finished the house and asked himself whether he did make a real estate network. He didn’t have the blues. He did it there. The competition in Wuhan was fierce, and his experience and funds were not enough. By this time he had been studying the real estate website for some time, and he decided to start with his home network. On that day, he told himself: "I want to do the Ezhou real estate network, Ezhou people’s own real estate network,


second section website is born, persistent let him almost forget what call tired

since you want to do your website, you must first select the domain name >

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