Several effective and practical models of forum profit

recently, many people are very confused about the profit model of the forum, so they want to write an article about it.

in fact, the forum is also the website, the profit model, of course, first of all from the traditional website profit model to consider.

is the first advertisement, network advertisement is to earn money, the key is your standing flow to be big, also must choose appropriate advertisers, some junk online alliance don’t do it, you also do not flow again big money, most give you a little hard, the best contact with you about the theme of the Forum of corporate advertising, will have a good effect. Typically, there are outdated, home page ads, a bit 2000/ months, and banner.

Webmaster Station BBS, a month BBS advertising tens of thousands of, such BBS mode need to have larger flow, reach certain influence, time to be longer.

second, the establishment of VIP layout, limited access to a particular layout, thereby collecting membership fees.


forum is powerful, and you can restrict special pages to provide special information, which must be exclusive. Original useful information, and it is best to keep regular discussion pages to retain visitors. This class must start with a charging page so that visitors will get used to it at first. Profit from the beginning, because the VIP membership join will charge, there are many forums to upgrade the VIP membership sponsorship fee is actually a disguised form of typical Internet creative network at present, the VIP membership in two ways, one is for your VIP area, the other is the charge, the theme of this forum is very well, the creative achievements of many websites, people also saw the importance of creative success of a website, the forum dedicated to provide some good ideas to do stand ideas, promoting profitable ideas, information is the original utility fee is not high, 60 yuan can get lifetime membership account, compared with some information the site frequently hundreds of membership fees, the majority of users can be accepted. The forum has been profitable for thousands of months and membership has reached more than 100.

third, rental space, you may have heard filed 39 Health Network Forum, the forum is to profit rental to Guangdong health consultation and hospital units, this is actually a very worthwhile approach, some real enterprises now have joined the network marketing, but it is a popular gathering a problem, directly to a hot forum here is a shortcut, which is the market.

fourth, to carry out the line of business, which is currently some forum especially effective methods commonly used local forums, through the development of members of the Party group purchase and business cooperation, some tourism forum often tour, as well as entertainment and hotel cooperation forum held a party, and so on, Hangzhou local forum as a bar to more business means (Hangzhou friends of the bar at half past eight).

in fact, think carefully, BBS profit means a lot, the key is you should according to your BBS formulate appropriate profit model, and from BBS when planning to >

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