Three years of operation of forum of ten career filled with a thousand regrets

did three years of forum, accumulated a lot of ideas; this many, many ideas, triggered a little touch; many, many touches, only a little bit of experience, ha ha,


, a forum is what kind of program do not want too much, stable on the line, the so-called plug-in style function that is or not does not matter, will only increase your membership and troubles. You look at XXX for so many years, or the old style, the old function.

two, you want to let members around the members, successful forums are like this, so that members around the forum to turn wrong, because the forum is only a communication platform, just a program.

three, your decision should be a manifestation of public opinion, let everyone follow you, but early warning signs of closing.

four, each member is not simple, can know more, know one, can not offend, do not offend. Many friends go well, but many enemies die early.

five, unique in order to attract people, there is content to retain people.

six, write original articles are members of the forum to the VIP card, to the moderator, don’t let him go.

seven, forum membership seems easy, post, you do, wrong, you have to make the post, you are not posting, what let members post, is a day of training, especially when you have no forum features and content.

eight, management is always the first to break the rules of the forum, so later members have learned to break the rules.

nine, I see a lot of forum have rules, I also have, CCF is also behind there, how many things are handled according to the rules. In fact, our forum before not fully grow and grow, the so-called rules exist and oration.

ten, don’t be a forum anymore.


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