n the nternet mixed up n years officially began my webmaster career

, remember, I’ve been a webmaster for 3 months, and I’ve been doing it in the company for the first two months, PS myself. In this year’s eleven period, to download a set of templates online, because I do not understand the technology, before and after tossing three days, and finally hung up. I’m not afraid of jokes. I even got a morning alias on the website. When I hung it up, it was 3. I found it was very slow. Then I went to find the technical personnel of the space business. He worked hard for a night and didn’t manage it. It was really hard for him. It was not until the afternoon of 4 that another technician relaxed, "he said," my database and mainframe are not on the same server. Searching for databases from WANs is certainly slow. Thank you very much. Website template came up, I have to go to suppliers, talk about cooperation, pictures, and so on, come and go for about a month, then hastily put some pictures up. Feeling very dissatisfied. After all, energy is limited to work.

in mid November, he quit, is cynical to do a real master, to find suppliers, find a picture. I have done a lot of wrong road without experience. For example, the size of the picture to be modified, one does not pay attention to, upload it! Also have to pH on a sheet of a change. There are some pictures have the supplier text watermark what, change up tired! Get back lately. Hemp’s for sure.

I’ve been thinking about a problem before, and I have a Taobao store with a website. There are several problems: first, the two, at the same time, certainly not so much time. Second, website does not support Alipay, engage in online trading credit will be affected. Third, to tell the truth, the site is not good. Fourth well, if you do Taobao, then because of the domain name and so on, it is not good to promote. 4 weeks ago, I decided to take Taobao and solve the problem of trading credit. Open shop, apply for consumer protection, ask people to do templates, upload commodity information, do a bit of promotion, more than 2 weeks on the past. Tired! I found it still impossible. The goods were too dull, so I looked for some suppliers. Some items have been uploaded. Well, since Taobao has solved the transaction credit, then I should go to work on my website, or monotonous work, modify pictures, upload goods, add articles appropriately. Two weeks before the weather very cold, cold hands migraine! Well, it! The problem again, but there are a few special website! Particularly affect the user experience of


here, I think, a lot of things happen when you have no choice, and there’s a new opportunity for you to see hope. I came to the EC forum and suddenly found that templates and functions could be modified. Oh, my God, I saw the hope! So I posted someone else to help me change it. It took me a few days to do it and the website was upgraded. Pretty much, I’m very happy, and now the most important thing is to promote! Write so much, eat first,


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