Beginner’s Web Site Guide a foothold in the SEO industry


in this realistic society, success is not accomplished overnight, whether it is the reality of entrepreneurship or SEO entrepreneurship is so. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you can’t stand firm in your industry without your own way. To succeed in profitability, accurate positioning is the key, attention to detail, but not paranoia, and maintain long-term vision in order to get gold in the business. As a few years SEO entrepreneurial experience of people, I would like to communicate with you here in the past few years, I have some experience in network operations, I hope you can benefit from it.

first: choosing a project is the key, not doing "SEO", "


all know, want to run good website project, choose good website space and operation project is the foundation, this even new SEOER are very clear. It’s like the ground when we build a house, and our foundation determines the stability and the carrying capacity of our house. But it’s easy to say, how to operate it? A lot of SEOER meng. They all say, "of course I also want to choose good business projects, but I don’t see any good projects at all."." In fact, the reason is very simple, only by laying a solid foundation for the development opportunities. This requires us in the choice of site space and the operation of the project, not just cheap, as the saying goes "no good cheap goods" is the same as in operation site Project reason, a lot of new people because of lack of experience and lack of funds, often in the selection will be biased, but this is for the mismanagement of foreshadowing. Just thinking about the money, in fact, picked sesame seeds, lost watermelon. Finally, just white money, but did not get profit, careless to do SEO". In space choice, we can not just stare at the price to see, but also pay attention to quality problems. We all know that the value determines the price, the price is a certain extent of the value of the embodiment, so when choosing, try not to pick only low prices, the quality of such products often can not guarantee. If the funds are not enough, you can choose some foreign space, relatively speaking, the quality and performance of more trustworthy.

second: get out of the potential blue chip

piercing eye.

anyone who buys shares knows that buying shares must never buy stocks on the board. The same is true with regard to project selection. The average person feels that choosing a popular item returns more quickly. In the short term may be so, but later? And this popular project competition pressure is also large, for no background no funds rookie SEOER, really can PK some has a certain foundation website? So at this time, when in doubt, partial bias can not choose those hot industry. We would like to choose professional in the college entrance examination, many people only focus on the popular professional, this will lead to a number of candidates more and more fierce competition, on the other hand, after four years, the popular professional may also gradually fade out. Therefore, in choosing the project, we should be forward-looking, select the potential small project is just entering the new line

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