Congratulations to CSDN to the normal operation of and related suggestions

is the first to congratulate the CSDN to normal operation, more polite words do not say, if the recommendations are listed as follows:

1. As a technical personnel, I understand your pause for the management of mood of suffering, the site is now back to work, CSDN was finally able to sleep, so this time pause when the Olympic Games is the intermittent rest.

2. Strengthen backup work, do all kinds of emergency response plan, this point, CSDN may do better than I think, but still remind here.

3. To improve political sensitivity, the nature of the technical staff is likely to make us forget that, apart from the technology, the sky outside is not always clear. Don’t let our efforts interfere with unimportant factors.

4. A bad thing can do good. On the one hand, CSDN can see how much he is concerned by IT technical personnel. On the other hand, CSDN will gain the motivation and experience in this temporary pause.

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;     CSDN site was stopped service, 10 days after the resumption of service

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