Ji’nan Education TV special interview Qi Tang on Network Entrepreneurship video



below is the interview from Ji’nan Education TV station in Shandong province. Here, I’d like to begin by thanking the online media that helped me publish the Tang diary and the friends who constantly reprinted the diary of the Tang dynasty. Because of your recognition of me, I made a face on television. Thank you all. At that time, the content of the interview was more and the time was long. Because the broadcast time limit, some of the content was cut out. I feel that the content is still better, that is my experience. Below I write in the form of the content of the interview, and I hope to be useful to everyone.

1 – a brief introduction to entrepreneurship and management.

, it’s nice to discuss the topic of entrepreneurship with you. Let me introduce myself before I make a formal inquiry. My name is Qi Tang,

was born in 1978 in a farmer’s family in Yishui County, Shandong City, Linyi province.

graduated from the Department of mathematics of Linyi Normal University in 2001.

worked as a programmer at an Internet company in Linyi after graduation in 2001;

in the winter of 2001, he came to Ji’nan alone and worked as a programmer in an Internet company;

worked as a technician in a equipment company in Ji’nan in the winter of 2002;

in the summer of 2004, began his own entrepreneurial process, and later founded a web site, that is, the current Qilu land network

because I’m talking about entrepreneurship today, I’d like to say something about my own entrepreneurial experience in the past few years. I want to help someone who is starting or want to start a business.

in the summer of 2004, penniless, I borrowed a little money to start a business with my friends. At that time, two people made a total of 10 thousand yuan of start-up funds. Renting an office and buying some office supplies costs less. The initial time is to make money by selling Baidu rankings, but sold for some time, I feel this business can not do, and did not earn a few money, and then did not do.

company also have to run, we have to eat, how to do? But we chose to enterprise site, although the work of the station is not good, low profits, but after all, earn food to eat. So hold on for half a year, during the first half of this in the spare time to build a platform of their own information network in Ji’nan [later upgraded to Qilu information port August 2008 www.qlxxg.com has upgraded to Qilu network www.qiludadi.cc], then this site although there is no income, but every day to see a lot of people to release information, find information, the feeling is still very there is a sense of accomplishment. Because I am optimistic about the classification of this market, day after a big development. But there were only one secondary channel in the information port, and there was no focus on the operation. In this context, the development of Ji’nan information network was very great

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