What are the determinants of a website’s garbage or not

yesterday, I built a new school network ( with UCH, which was very touching, and some people were raving here. No matter who they belong to, I thank them at A5.

following me, why do I want to initiate this discussion "of a website or refuse to decide what is?", the cause is now a lot of people will just say two words "rubbish", and then I think the webmaster friends together to discuss: what is the garbage station.

one, yesterday, a friend in my new school network said: "really rubbish, have the ability to write a program with Java, why use UCH,


described here? That many people do not make good use of Internet resources, timeliness is strong now, why not use the existing resources, saving development time and funds for other aspects of the site so much? China station has several independent program developed by dedecms?, PHPWIND, diz (the A5 is using DIZ+DEDECMS).

suggests: stationmaster learns to use resource, the rubbish of the website does not decide by the website system, more the content that sees a website, have the thing that brings happiness to the net friend, and what really needs.

two, often chatting, some people say that QQ and non mainstream stations are garbage stations, do you agree,


I asked people who said they were garbage stations. They told me, "because there are too many QQ stations and non mainstream stations.".


described here? That everyone will feel what things once more will become garbage, I want to note here is: why is there so many sites? Because the demand for material QQ and non mainstream space related to the large, and there are some market, if not a what people see things, don’t have so many people to see? – of course, which does not rule out the garbage station.

advice: don’t think so many people or the nature of the entertainment, is garbage, garbage station not by site classification attributes, the key is to provide some material for her it to help people in need.

I’ll say this 2 aspects, welcome webmaster friends to participate in the discussion, and here I want to say to you "where is the gold will shine, refuse to see what is rubbish", thank you for reading this article, faster Internet because of the support and criticism will progress the. Thanks for all the encouragement and blows,


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