The location of a new site by a new webmaster

some time ago, idle, registered and a joke about the domain name, because there is no demand must be done in this domain, then go for the record, after half a month of record success through, coupled with the friends of the space can be free to rub, to this or to the net station on the line.

said, because the guide and help of my friends, the domain name resolution and build website system in his help to complete, but because of the line on the website in a hurry, the positioning of the site yourself start without a clear goal, including the title, description and keywords of the website are just to get at that time, only to happy customers timely on-line that, because I usually love to see some more jokes and funny pictures or something, he launched the website, not for anything else, at least you can collect some of their love jokes and pictures, let friends can delight, right in her spare time, at that time the idea is that simple ~~

360 and Baidu also to face, although the site is green, the first day of 360 included, Baidu second days are also included, as a new webmaster, they have little sense of satisfaction, as the website title and keywords is the same, Baidu is the first collection of home, you may think, wow, how so much! Isn’t what, is this keyword selected too esoteric, Baidu index are not included in this word, I choose this word keywords, of course is the first, the first week of the line on the website, Baidu home before ten and I am about to have 5, but the problem here, the site didn’t flow ah, except when every day updates check is friends click on the site, although the original intention is pleasant on-line friends, but let more friends to see their hard to do The website is not a good thing for


to flow! How can let more people know their own website? I Jingxiaxinlai think for a long time, found himself because the online website in a hurry, did not have a good location on the site, including the title of the web site keywords have a clear goal to do, know the problem in where after, they find a solution to the problem.

first determines the target site keywords, some people may not understand what is the target keywords, simply said, is that you want others to search through what word can see your website, the search target keywords the word is your site, or others into your site, you want to show others what my site is, want to let friends see my meditation collecting jokes and funny pictures, OK, target keywords is jokes and funny pictures, but when Baidu "joke" and "funny pictures", Baidu first page is all the old station for many years, and after the webmaster tools query that is a professional in the business website, my personal website is PK but others well, so we can only Zoupian Jian Feng, the keyword joke If you can’t do it, just do it in the long run

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