Status quo of site navigation station

web site construction site builders has received extensive attention, the reason is very simple, first, the construction is relatively simple, can even download the source code available (,, release now provides static pages to download), second, hao123 and 265 demonstration site in technology, money is not to adequate network business ready to them, given some experience and inspiration.

But the

web site development and maintenance has become increasingly difficult, the network bookmarks, all kinds of network favorites, especially the development of search engines and the majority of Internet users to accept the original user computer IE page change dynasties. Web site development in recent years, it is the development of the number, can not be said to be a fundamental change, just change the appearance of the site, as well as the increase in the number of Web site and web site, the core content of the organization system has not improved.

station site content from the point of view, an increase in the number of sites, the site can be included in the site is increasing; on the other hand is to catalogue system with the new type of website and timely adjustment. This has resulted in several contradictions: one is a single directory included increased the number of sites may cause the directory and can reduce the bloated, access of the resulting, on the other hand is more and more comprehensive for the current web site is high, a website will probably involve multiple directories, bring some impact to the scientific classification there is a regional development; website, content in the original system can not achieve a good location of the site included in local support.

so that the individual web site development, should be included by traditional heavy gravity, heavy promotion, change to the construction of the content system, how to adapt to the changes of Internet content and scientific design and adjust the contents of the directory, if the scientific classification and user site (Wang Min) needs to achieve the best match is the key. The development of the station.

to take a look at the status of several web sites and simple observation:

1, ( there is some support for the local website, dynamic website is better, according to the user’s IP to judge the user area attributes, and provide users with local sites and weather information, in the right form, in addition, introduced the web site favorites function, increased autonomy Web site interactivity with the user.

2, 3721 ( "personal internet home page, users can customize the navigation module and content and display, but also introduces the" tools "support, user autonomy can be reflected in the, but its content catalog system and the traditional site navigation station compared with no change in any other substantive.

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