The use of replies to advertise their own shop trick

many members are talking about network manager, but in the cross stitch station www.58xiu.cn, to tell you the truth, I really have not seen a more sophisticated online shop.

today just say to use their replies to promote their online shop.

said, in the professional forum post knowledge can be more. In general, such as "cross stitch city" of this professional cross stitch Trading Forum, in providing free information to members of the platform, but also focus on cleaning up some of the ads do not meet the requirements.

of course, today, when talking about this topic, I always feel a little bit like I hit my own foot with a stone. However, this approach is not only universal in cross stitch cities, but also common in all professional forums, including the Taobao community and the Alibaba community. I just talk about the method, just some of my own experience to say to you.

I think we should pay attention to everything. If the method is right, we will practice it.

one, replies, in the promotion of personal online shop at the same time, but also do not let the moderator paste this paste when the ad deleted.

many members in the post, as Barbara AD, lest the members did not know what he was doing, I do not know if this is afraid of ads.

in the post with the content, write their own is a cross stitch businesses how, what is the production, even write the original text integrity cooperation with you. Oh, to tell the truth, I do the management of the forum, such flagrant violations of advertising stickers do not delete, but also delete what post it?. (this kind of post of course I don’t mean by the forum, trading posts Edition)

actually, we do not need to do so in a non trading area.

can do, see a topic, and then follow the "www.****.com support upstairs" or "on behalf of the www.****.com to the top of your class, can also be written" a certain cross stitch agree ".

posted content, will not go to introduce their products, interested users have to click on the.

posts are much more responsive and will reinforce the memory of other members.

two, post, who posts, posts back to what kind of great learning.

, top, add the announcement, will the post. Why, this kind of post click rate is high, beyond reproach. It would be nice to have a sofa and a floor.

and the people with high prestige in the forum are going back.

Some new

, even now not what hits, but if you feel after the click rate will be high, to establish early to take the sofa and floor.

all right, that’s all. Ha ha, such a small amount of technology, behind the times, is nothing worth mentioning. But in the city of cross stitch, or one

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