The basic steps of building a web site about the novice

At present,

SEO became the most owners face every day most spoken language, you are asked to understand SEO today? Tomorrow someone asks you how SEO website? In general, SEO has contributed to an industry, there are many specialized web site SEO, online, interested friends can search. Everyone is studying SEO desperately, studying SEO. But I don’t know, the plan often can’t keep up with the changes, because the growth cycle of a website is really too long.

a new station from the initial stage to the search engine included, it takes about a week, at least half a month or so, if the site wants to have a better ranking, at least for more than a month. So, even when we think of SEO, but the site has been formed, want to change too late, in front of the hard work will be cast to the wind. Therefore, we should in the early stage of the station, we must do a good job site SEO, that is, the optimization of the site. Especially novice, we must first learn, and then build.

important: after the site has been included in the search engine, absolutely prohibited modify title, keyword, description, and large-scale changes to web templates. This is for the new station, or you’ll regret it. High weight old station, you can modify the amount. Early "title, keyword, description" design, and then do not have to change, so that they are not afraid of the right to drop, but not afraid of ranking.

, let’s do it step by step:

1, domain name selection,

is now popular.COM and.NET domain name,.CN domain name, because the country’s policy, individuals can not stand. So we’d better choose the domain name that ends with.Com and.Net. Of course, the search engine pays more attention to the original content of your website, followed by your domain name itself, but good domain name search engine is easier to identify,


two, website profit model

site is for what? Novice may say, is to study, and may also feel more fun, then I advise you still do not play, we should study hard.

doesn’t know how to make web pages, so you have to know how to use and modify other people’s websites. Even if you’re not a professional designer, you have to be a good mimic.

do not understand web production can not be a personal webmaster, do not know how to modify the website of people can not be called "webmaster", do not know how to rely on the website profit people, not to become a good webmaster.

so we should be in the early stages of the site to think of a good way to profit from the site, such as you are such a large site traffic, and rely on advertising earnings, then you in the early stages of the site must be reserved for the site’s advertising position.

two, website source program selection,

to static source code based, because search engines for static web pages included faster, in order to facilitate updates, we have to choose the background can be generated static >

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