Mou Changqing original experience article TOP10 summary

has been writing blogs for nearly 3 years, and feels like the most productive one this year. Original promotion, experience data and industry observation article, wrote about 50 articles, on average, a week at least an original article produced. By the end of the year, I did not know what to write. I summed up my original articles which were satisfactory and distinctive.

TOP1: "Internet work threshold is not high, it is difficult to do" (favorite)

this article is not about network promotion, nor is it any data analysis experience. It was my first experience of working on the internet. After the article was sent out, I got a lot of sympathy from my friends and felt very much. What network promotion methods, what data analysis, after reading, in fact, will play an auxiliary role, and really want to achieve good results, or see you do things attitude, attitude towards Internet work. Just like we do BD, the threshold is really not high, some graduate students will be able to hang BD manager’s title in some companies, but how much do they really do?.

TOP2: "the fifth period of lecture: mouchangqing website promotion experience to the top secret" (real)

this article is written in the form of lectures sharing, but also write their own so much, promote the greatest extent of the article to share. SEO to do their own practice process, have written out in detail, we do not think I do SEO have any special tips, I will all share in this article out. So I think this is their most real article, can be said to have shared claudia. This article is one of the most important words in all my articles. It’s about 8000 words. And I was in 3 hours, beating on the think little of the original did not make any changes.

TOP3: "Mu Changqing – talk about your experience in league promotion" (the most original of the subject)

before I published this article, I couldn’t find an article about promoting web site alliance. Because this type of promotion articles for a small range of people, mainly to do League promotion work of friends have a little reference function. The average person will not write even if he has experience in this field. This is not actually written this year. It was an experience I shared with my department colleagues when I left the company’s Alliance Department 06 years ago. I just revised it this year and released it.

if you let me write now, there has been no feeling at that time, the most experience is when you are doing it. I can’t find second articles about League promotion at the moment. Have mentioned alliance website, most or some individual Adsense, do alliance advertising experience.

TOP4: "share a list of excellent web site navigation links" (the most shared spirit)

remember when you wrote forums and promoted experiences, what you cared about most was >

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