Soft Wen should be crammed into soft mouth

today this idea, because there is a large website online, promotion is a key, even if you stand again good, no one to browse it is white blind, now is not the "sell themselves" era, your stomach goods must tell everyone out, that is the so-called promotion. In many soft Wen promotion promotion should be more economic and efficiency, without spending too much energy, do not have to spend money, as long as you are willing to learn to practice basic can write soft article, only the quality is not the same.

, but now the soft text promotion has a trend, is the preferred high popularity of Web sites and forums to send, this is right, wrong is that you forgot your target crowd,


now Admin5 and Chinaz everywhere is soft, with local portal, a personal blog, the enterprise, and guest (incidentally, I also do station), we all like a swarm of bees to emerge in an endless stream, A5 and soft to Chinaz, you have not thought about the crowd the position of your


say you do is education of the forum, there are some teaching and students’ information and stuff, you also went to A5 to the feeble, you think A5 users will come to you on the forum? Even if, only a short stay, and not for you the forum what benefits, just adding a few IP only (if you sell the flow of words might come in handy.).

personally, I do is a guest (say "Taobao", is to prove that I was beginning to contact the guest, later renamed Taobao customers, ha ha) website, I am here to publish this article, not to give my website to take what flow because I, target customers are buying things on Taobao, but here I’m not the one of the potential customers, I need is high compared to some of the popular shopping forum and the Forum on women to the feeble, so that the flow of the conversion rate is high, can give me to bring real income. So, "soft Wen" to the "soft mouth", only in line with each other’s appetite, you can take out money from the pockets of customers!


so the experience I want to share with you today is to lock your target crowd first and then promote it so that you can do it with half the effort. Wish you all have a good online future,

!This paper consists of

cool taofang http://s.kutaofang.com webmaster not black like the original starting from the Admin5, please keep the link, thank you! I hope that we can actively communicate with, exchange can be accumulated contacts, contacts also do stand


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