Three years of waiting for a moment excited Baidu reopened

excited – 3 years ago I had a taste of excitement, of course it was a good thing – but not a pleasure. Excitement may remind you of dreams that have been buried for a long time. It might wake up the potential that you never knew before, maybe, you don’t have dreams, and that’s forcing you to dream.

– three years we wandering wandering countless places to do promotion, we participated in the field, Xiamen, Nanchang, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, should go to the place where we’ve been, that does not represent a misfortune, but a persistent. While we have the strength, while we share the persistent mentality, at this point when the wind does not float when, of course, we put into the process, and we work hard. It’s not what we want. We want dreams and dreams. We have to do a new era of fashion drift generation, who desires to drift, we not only float is a persistent heart! We have to make sacrifices for their work because of others and self assessment, don’t just follow the rules, the rules also create, to do everything things according to their own judgment, although this will be a bit of trouble.

a person at least in the emotional lovelorn once, career failure once, in the choice of a fault to grow up. Don’t say that failure is the mother of success. As an old saying goes, the sooner you fail, the better you will be. For our grassroots websites, we have failed, but at least we have been holding on. It is useful to hold on to reason.

not without care, not caring, the same thing, very good performance, but it’s worth the money.

if every time you look at "the world is only a good mother" is a stream of tears, every time I watch the "hands" on the laughter, we had joy – Anger – – sad music, I once had, right! We are on our business to pay, even if very weak stimulation we will quickly adapt reaction — you feel dull, people will feel our deep. Perhaps is a dwarf, perhaps long not good-looking, may sound like Donald… Our advantage is — not to be their surface shallow bright delay, spend less time, less take some bend directly to find your inner strength, directly to dig yourself deep potential. That’s our idea (Global Hospital Network) www.qqyy.com.


hard day and night more than 1000 days we honor acid waiting for Baidu. We waited. In the early morning of April 8, 2008, Baidu included us. The mood – that’s pretty exciting….


maybe a lot of friends and I are standing on the same platform. The same feeling. Maybe my friends haven’t gone through such a miserable journey. My friend, I walked all the way. I just want to tell you that opportunities are far more worthwhile than current ones. Every mountain has different scenery, more and more steep, for those who climb the mountain, start safe

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