Where is the way out for navigation sites

Since Baidu

million acquisition of hao123, Google launched 265, navigation website is like bamboo shoots after a spring rain on the same all over on both sides of the Changjiang River, the Yellow River. Among the famous include 114la, 360 navigation, and later.

the reason why this happens, I think there are two reasons, one is the site navigation technology threshold low, the whole network all over the site navigation program, sometimes you only need to know how to modify the A record, you can set up a navigation site, in addition to the name, and even can not make any changes; the second is navigation the site need to devote time and effort is far less than other types of site navigation website information is not successful, you don’t have to do the same day as the portal station or write a copy and paste automatic acquisition code, you only need to look at every famous navigation station, do you think that the value added to your website your station can be.

so, navigation website threshold is so low, is not just get a program, on the shelf promotion, and then static and other traffic soaring?.

a navigation site, without any special, 114la will not forever, hao123 and the 265 opponent on the source of information, you might as well on them; technical support, you are not as good as they; on users, more needless to say.

therefore, the traditional, pure replication site navigation, almost can only be caught in a lot of advertising fees for IP bad cycle. When one day you stop advertising, your IP begins to decline. Of course, you can try to test virus promotion, but the promotion of the consequences is that the backfire, less harm than good.

so, what’s the way to navigate the site,


yes, vertical navigation. Tang Jun said, "if development, then you should pursue differentiation development.". There is no future without sameness. If the industry is vertical navigation you find it difficult, then you can choose the city vertical navigation. China has nearly 100 cities with more than two million people, many cities do not have their own city site navigation. Urban navigation of integrated navigation stations is often not comprehensive enough. There is a lack of broader content in the simple urbanization of a city – it is not realistic for a city person to have only access to the city’s Web site. Urban vertical navigation focuses on combining popular sites in the city with popular web sites on the internet. If you are in a city, a city, why not try to do the city’s navigation market? My station was on the line in January, only 3 days will be included in Baidu (no exaggeration), now "Dalian site navigation" Baidu keyword ranking fourth.

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