What should websites do to get more people to dig out their wallets

with the development of network, more and more people every day of the tour information on the Internet, concerned about national affairs, world affairs, it can be said that not many people are holding the desire to buy online tour, so how to make these people have the desire to buy it, in fact, this is not difficult, the key is do you want it. In e-commerce, there are traffic, not that your goods can be sold out, but to guide consumers, not his initiative, but you have to take the initiative.

a lot of visitors to see the first time the site’s slogan to attract people, if the slogan is not attractive, but also about what make the customer pay, visitors to your site, the website should have the slogan to let him continue to read down, continue to stay on the site. But many owners do not understand what is the slogan slogan in the website is very simple, is to pull out a line of characters in the home page, you play the characteristic of the website, to let visitors feel in your site to continue to go on tour is a huge loss, if your slogan is successful, your first step is to represent the go.

now is to start the second step, with the slogan of temptation, popularity, so your site is doing what must be clear, is selling services, selling goods or do other, you need to use a different color keyword must be marked, conspicuous, or tourists have look to buy things, but has been unable to see where you say, this thing might not depressed, if the mark is not conspicuous, will make most people give up to buy something in your website.

website to do the shopping need to make the process as simple as possible, as long as the setting is reasonable, not too complicated, when many sites in consumer shopping are required to leave their own data, this leads to a part of consumers heart impatient, to give up in the shopping website, if you can point a simple shopping process only a few steps, you can easily shop, so you can attract most people, do not stand too rigid, for example, a few days ago on TV news, after 1 months of advertising in blast beruffled fried, spent at least a few tens of millions of dollars, he sold the main network promotion and marketing. The last but not what effect, do you know why? It is his advertising in such a sentence, let you only need 9 steps to make easy money, if you hear the 9 step as consumers, so complex, also intends to Would you like to go? In online shopping, even if you have 10 steps, you can only say 3 steps.

as a webmaster, you also need to sell their own goods or services as much as possible to indicate the details, let buyers know that this is what he needs, is also early noted, can’t wait for consumers to find you, but you should go to the consumer shopping network, to solve problems, and is fast safe. If you have the conditions, you can play the unconditional refund slogan, in this case, your website as long as it is not too bad, popularity certainly a lot. When the slogan is typed out, it must be executed clearly, which is the key to the survival of a website

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