About search engines included a number of related reasons

remembers that we often browse other people’s wonderful speeches and articles at forums, blogs, and so on. We are often in some Adsense forums to see many posts for help "why am I standing in the search included only a few pages? Why my website has yet to be included? Why do I stand up to now only included a home page? Which master to help me ah!" and so on, and so on the article is too much, whether this is what causes the website included less. There are many reasons for it. Here I only list some common, hoping to help solve the puzzles of novice webmaster.

view 1. New sites need a certain period of review. If you do not have to worry about is because of this reason, in our opinion, the new general in search during the audit, need time to consider, if your website provides the original and unique content so it won’t be long before the search will be released, because you not to SITE now is not because the search is not included, you just need time to consider this website and content, so no release, then you need to operate is to continue to update the site, bring more original unique content that is not more than 15 days will release all. You’ll see it by then.

point of view two. The site can not be optimized too much. This is the search engine is not allowed, but also more disgusted. Do not love that it was optimized for search, but it is not appropriate to optimize excessive, excessive optimization will be the direct result of site included reducing, even not be included, snapshots of stagnant or direct only included a home page, you need to do is to optimize the operation was temporarily removed traces. Try to simplify and understand your website.

point of view three. Content originality is critical, but not unique, but more important. The search included page is not your original will be included, you write the article and the network view fits, only slightly changed the argument, it can be analyzed to search is of course, every webmaster to write a unique article that is not possible, it is not realistic, you need to do is to fake the original, unique content supplemented by appropriate. Then make changes to the content and set some of your own views and opinions in it. In this way, not only can save a lot of time, the effect is quite good.

point of view four. Is there any problem checking the links?. We usually do very careful connection, and take a closer look. The chain is not healthy search is very important to see that the chain problem is generally caused by direct sites included reducing, snapshot stagnant or direct only included a home page, so you need to do is to do Links check, such as the K or is the contact can stand right long temporarily removed. This is the only solution.

point of view five. Do not run websites regularly and participate in my cheating. This is not the explanation of any search, are not allowed to strike and this included reducing only a relatively light punishment, you only need to do is to correct the site as soon as possible, if you > misoperation.

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