Experience from a garbage station to a local gate station

From 2004

was admitted to the Hebei University of Economics and Business, major is computer, during the school has been learning knowledge, until 2007 to see the Blackhawk base site, that site can make money on advertising, and then joined the Black Hawk study, at the beginning of the parties is not very understanding, personal ability is limited, so (level) from the first station to start, before long, my first station was born, the website Chinese name sharing network forum, domain name I will not say.

unfortunately the garbage station at the beginning do not long off, because Baidu has not included, I speak to you about without reason: since the beginning, a lot of station knowledge is not very clear, I remember at that time is the use of a three of us are walking together with post acquisition software. From the Forum gathering of others, a little constantly sent to my forum, so two or three days to create a forum station as like as two peas. The content of the forum is rich, but in this way it will be Baidu K, and when it is known by K, it has not insisted on doing it.

graduated in June 2008, works in a car company, a lot of free time, I decided to do a station before the station, listening to some of their predecessors said, do not waste, will be very tired, plus Baidu now is not included, then, after a period of thinking then, what station? I work in a car company, the whole sky car sites, there are so many ads in the car on the site, I thought these websites income a lot, I decided to do a car class website.

This car site

I do more than a month, every collection of articles, in order to change the original, also have to be modified, a little tired, but this is not the main reason, let me worry about is how profitable, car ads, think the possibility is too small, because now the automobile network station too much also, there are a lot of dead, because I am a person doing, but must do those big portals, even one of our own brand car companies are big portals advertising, small sites do not consider this, let me do the site more car no confidence, perhaps when you see at this time that will say: how can you be so fickle, do not insist on how to be successful, anyway, I used to do this is perhaps one of the reasons why station failure. But here I am about to become the webmaster friends said, before the station, it must be considered, what is going to do stand, can stick to it, whether do station is feasible, don’t like I wasted a month to do car website.

came to webmaster network Admin5, but also by colleagues, both on the day, a lot of predecessors to write a good, which makes me interested in is the webmaster should now go, or what to do after the station, saw a lot of close to do local portal site of the article, feel a bit the heart, whether it is on the spur of the moment or not, anyway I checked the local portal station do is really bad, so do.

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