Let collection become original an article triggered thinking

          last night at ADMIN5 published an article [to] only stationmaster net do new before analysis ADMIN5 address:    

            about half an hour by the audit, released less than two hours, out of curiosity, but also to test the ADMIN5 in Baidu’s reaction speed. I am in Baidu enter the title of the first analysis of the ADMIN5, Baidu included new sites before, but that it was not ADMIN5. it is a reprint of the station network. This article does not address the] from ADMIN5 hasn’t been included in Baidu [should be not put out. This makes me curious. Is to weight the webmaster nets and the updating speed will make the first step to reprint station


and I are about the two stations included trans PR SOGO PR found that Baidu included the amount of stationmaster net net. But it is slightly less than other aspects of the absolute index higher than the other. It seems that ADMIN5 important than the right of each other. But Baidu has not included the other fast speed.

is in addition to the weight and chain, and what factors about Baidu included frequency? In order to find the reason, I turned the whole station a few hundred pages. Finally found the reason: this station daily work is the special [rather] reprint collection ADMIN5. IM286 station and the latest data active webmaster forum. The Title, the word does not change the contents of all. With the fastest speed to use what method looks like. – acquisition of NB, a new data released by capture.

in this way, the other in the premise of PR chain weight is far better than even a target station, with frequent update speed, the number of updates to other [ADMIN5+IM286+CHINAZ+…… Baidu. The success of the stimulus reaction speed. The acquisition to the extent that really makes me ashamed!

summary: in fact, this is a very small problem, I believe many brothers already understand, but it can be used to estimate the degree of not much. So every webmaster should have used the acquisition. But you collected is likely to be repeated thousands of times. People still capture, and automatic acquisition, crazy acquisition pick something. Also is the original. Collection collected even ADMIN5.IM286 such a strong opponent was second!

just went to Baidu search again: the result is the first AD>

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