6 ways to increase the volume of transactions on the Web access successful conversion and profitab

for the current webmaster do promotion work, the main purpose is to let more Internet users know there is such a web site. And let it know the purpose of the existence of what is it, in order to have more Internet users to visit their website, pay attention to your website?. Many webmaster think as long as there are users concerned about their web site, so the purpose of promotion is achieved. In fact, the ultimate goal of website promotion is to change the amount of the website visit to the successful amount of the transaction, realize the profit of the website, and promote the economic development of the enterprise.

1, using website promotion to improve the website credibility

webmaster in the website to achieve profit before the promotion is done in order to improve the popularity of the site, as well as in the Internet and industry weight. This weight can also be equal to the public confidence. Take the most simple example, the website PR is 6 or 7 level, we can say that this website is a useless website? Credibility for the website, what does that mean? Credibility reflects the image of the site in the component and the netizens’ to a certain extent, as one of the core the value of website construction. We can also be understood as the credibility of a site’s reputation, the reputation of the role is very big: one is to encourage customers to have a good impression on the site, resulting in the purchase intention; two is the product to obtain the customer approval then the site will be able to continue to attract customers, new customers will be transformed as the loyal customers; three is the old customer word-of-mouth, helps the site to develop new customers and potential customers, the vast extent of energy into the customer site.

2, both products and services,

that a lot of business as long as the website promotion out of business or website product is good enough to keep the customer’s footsteps, will visit the success of the amount into the trading volume, this transformation is just a part of the performance. Customer satisfaction will only be satisfied by the quality of the services and products of the website.

3, improve the site’s credit mechanism

One of the key factors of

website as a credit mechanism provided to display and sell the goods to provide e-commerce platform in the transformation process, if the business to business platform, to enhance the enterprise website credibility and provide customers enough to guarantee customer service service commitment to the enterprise. But as the mall platform, most buyers are through credit and historical evaluation to inspect the seller’s integrity. According to the survey, 09 years of e-commerce platform because of credit mechanism problems arising from the transaction dispute is far higher than the commodity itself. This shows that the e-commerce platform needs to be improved in the credit system. Buyers choose sellers, 90% is based on the seller’s credit value, as well as other buyers to evaluate the choice. Therefore, the credit mechanism of the platform is one of the key factors that affect the transaction. To improve the credit mechanism of the website, we should pay attention to the accuracy and authenticity of the website data, place the registration information, pictures and other proof information of the company in the industry and Commerce Bureau, and do the relevant websites in the search engine

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