A small network of Web site for you to parse the mentality

from 2008 onwards, I began my career as an Internet editor. At first I didn’t really know what these websites were for, but I became familiar with the operation of the website.

I think website and mentality have a lot to do with, people’s psychology is very difficult to ponder and explore. Do do not pleased, not to have compassion, it is difficult to. After all, most of the small and medium-sized operators who run their own websites are young people with passion and dreams, and sometimes it is difficult to control their own mentality.

one, do website, want to avoid "small country mentality"".

what is the network operation in the "small country mentality", plainly, that is to collect, use some collection software, other people’s content, part or all collected on their own website, as their own. Then very narrow say, these things are his original, make search engine to the original site carried out "wrong punishment", this kind of website is commonly called "do garbage station"". This should be based on immediate interests, and this is also a "cancer" on the Internet, so small and medium-sized sites can not do too much, "a small web site can not be built for its dry content breast augmentation."." Content based construction. Website construction, especially content construction, cannot be collected.

always said that the "small country mentality" in the website operation is not to collect other people’s things, to have their own things, say bigger, we should have our own website, cultural construction and features.

two, do website to avoid "big country mentality"".

in the development of the Internet, in the same type of model of the site, it is too much. And "big country mentality" of the site is often those pioneers, from the operation mode and website construction perspective, is already very mature, is the other website imitation object. Once we are imitated, there are some subtle changes in the mentality of the imitated web site. We analyze this mentality.

has "big country mentality" web site, often immersed in the past website development process, without any improvement and innovation. The innovation and development of website operation and profit patterns have on these sites are ugly out, so often encountered after the site, this type of website will always say, "ha ha, this is not the imitation of our website out, not worth mentioning, be not at all surprising!". This kind of website achieves quite certain degree, popularity and brand degree already had, website dimensions is large, website benefit is good, website public praise is good. But such websites are not "strong", but "big"".

two, website should have "powerful country mentality"".

website should have "strong country mentality"". Popular point of view, the site in the development of a certain stage, we must constantly innovation, continuous R & D, suitable for users of products, will not stay in a model above. This "power mentality" refers to constant innovation and product research and development. Only in this way can a good website be strong

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