Grassroots webmaster about 5 years of experience in the establishment of a station

I visited the famous doctor, the home he hung a banner: big medicine sincere. Think carefully, doing a website and doing a doctor have similar place, individual website whether do is big or small, should bring a fine word. The fine words means there must be a column is unmatched by other sites, such as the column information update is the fastest, most original content etc.. Websites do fine and attract visitors, because visitors need valuable information. A website is valuable only when information has access to value.

, I just built a website in November 2005. When I started, I still got a free space to play. Until I opened the online banking, registration domain name, bought space, this is what I started the site. 05 years, the site is not much, specially can let students visit the site is micro micro, when I wrote the report, see some ads not fit to be seen a surge of, build a practical web site for students, no annoying ads website has become very strong motive station.

in November 26, 2005, I tried again and again, and finally registered domain name down, it is not easy, the school did not have the bank gateway, I went to the outside looking for a computer before the payment of success. I started by collecting the pages of the survey report, and then I went to the school’s print office to find a print report for my classmates. Very good. After a week’s hard work, the survey column has begun to take shape, and has been one of the most visited sections of my station until now.

at our school do not have a website, so this site became a school famous Monopoly low website is very easy, I through the formation of associations, making the site in the well-known rapid promotion of the whole school, then later, I also orchestrated a signature, the signature activities are held in the vicinity of the train station. Of course is given to the train station near the crowded. By signing, the propaganda network at the same time, the students propaganda network in the country, of course, combined with that time often in Baidu know answer questions, and membership in the forum and the world exchange students often help to publicize these factors naturally or half unconsciously and so on, the world ranking rose to 100 thousand, have some sense of achievement is normal the.

2007, I organized a "contest, this is the first time in school, but also the students website for the first time in the SKYWORTH group and TCL group, the activities of the students a network publicity to achieve the ultimate, schoolwide flags and banners, to all the teachers and students of the shock caused by. The scene is no less than the beginning of the new school.

to 2007 after graduation, students network ranking and popularity will quietly fade arena, especially in the vicinity of 07 years in October, the forum was by some mass software harassment, often cause the server network monitoring department shall be ordered to close down. There is the student network updates focus on entertainment, the focus of deviation has become a serious failure of students network operation, 200>

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