Horse Grassland how to let users like your website ads

website friends all know this truth, in order to maintain the long-term development of the website, standing still, in addition to interest, the profit problem is also the most important. How to make your own web site to make money, and trust in your webmaster is "The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong". But without membership fees, product sales, online advertising and other ways, and online advertising is in many forms become many webmasters and web site of choice. Today, we will discuss how to make users like their ads, improve website advertising exposure and click through rate.

1. Increase site traffic by concentrating target users

why increase website traffic, I believe we all understand, do not need to speak more. What I want to say is the relationship between website traffic and target users. The two are generally proportional to growth. Especially those from the search engine traffic, but also because of the search for relevant information on the Internet and inadvertently came to your site. After you get the relevant information on your site, if the content is next to the ad, then there is no doubt that the exposure of these ads has improved. And, most importantly, the greater the traffic on your site, the user who arrives at your website for various reasons will always be a part of it, becoming your two visitor, three visitor, and even a regular customer. In this way, the theme of the site is clearly defined and rich in content, your site is easy to agglomerate a large number of target users.

two, launch interest, advertising, boot, demand, user,

has the target user, this can only say is a very important premise. You don’t see, there are many high traffic website, profit is not optimistic. Of course, not optimizing advertising is part of the reason. The underlying reason is that visitors or users are not aware of your ads at all, or have noticed your ads clearly. In other words, either advertising is not obvious, or advertising is too strong, these two extremes are difficult to increase the click rate of online advertising. The best way to solve the problem is to match the content of the advertisement with the content of the website, so that your users think that the content of the advertisement is the content of the website. Of course, this requires the optimization of the above efforts. In fact, in many advertising alliances, the content of advertising matching has been intelligent, such as Google’s advertising alliance. However, this is far from enough. If you can classify ads, improve the vertical nature of the website, and shorten the distance between advertising and the user, the advertising effect will be better, such as the interest advertisement of the gateway. In any case, must learn to guide the needs of users, according to user needs, advertising to the most needed users.

three, complete support services to help problem users

The first two parts of

are only a basic condition. If you are skilled, you can definitely make money. But if there is no corresponding website services, especially advertising services, casually do a website, do some traffic, advertising, which is no different from the garbage station. Although it can be a little money, it is not

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