How to use web site navigation to promote yourself

) should first understand the origin, the predecessor of the site navigation, the enemy can ever victorious

As everyone knows

site navigation, only on the Internet an important web site, and then according to the classification of the editor, and then made into a very simple and practical web directory, the 123 is so produced. When the domain name also sold your ".Cn" about 80 or so, the number of sites far more cattle. Therefore, the site navigation is very good collection, coupled with Chinese netizens rookie base is very large, so early site navigation soon become bigger. Take advantage of the weather.

two) once again to understand the future of site navigation, the past and future are understood, so make good use of

because CNNIC ".Cn" domain name reduced to 1 yuan a day, ".Cn" registration quantity, absolutely more than a cattle body hair amount. Because there must be fruit, is caused by the flood of garbage station, due to the emergence of a large number of new sites, site navigation editing workload is more and more big, that increases the development cost of invisible web site navigation. A large increase in one category of a web site, also brings a new challenge, that is how to find this web site? More users in the use of barriers to give up the use of the user, in the subconscious. User’s choice is the basic motive force of website survival. Then, the more users rely on knowledge from the Internet, the more necessary the site navigation station will be. Therefore, the further development of the Internet, and now the site navigation station is like a short-lived pager, the most always want to withdraw from the stage of history. This is reality. This limitation of the site navigation station shows. Plus rookie change master, disdain to use web navigation.

three) summarizing his past and future, we will analyze and analyze how to make use of it

previously we analyzed, and now many Chinese netizens, before the master has not changed on the site navigation, so now site navigation traffic is very large. Coupled with rookie, do not understand what is advertising on the Internet, even the master is not allowed to click ads, let alone network rookie, that is, in site navigation, advertising hits high. Then we analyzed the site navigation late Le Guan, like a pager like a fire even, site navigation also understand, so a good 123 sell, did not sell the course while fire to make money, sell advertising. So site navigation, advertising prices, cost-effective or full high. So now we’re going to use this over time to let Web site navigation free of charge, or to do some of the right ads on top of it. It worked very well.

below, in the promotion of his wife to the wedding gauze net collected to the airport, the webmaster contact:

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