Lao Zhao do the day of source code Trading

I began to do the station in 05 years, ashamed, and now there is no great achievement, I insist most of the station is to do 3 years of American drama forum, now income 2000 yuan / month. 07 years after the beginning of six months, the feeling of union advertising costs more difficult, both Google and Ali mom, can not, so left out the site for a long time, has been considering looking for a new way out. I had to do a more stable in IP before 1000~2000IP, this station is really a year not updated Baidu, no K, no right down, of course, will not rise right, ha ha, it is relatively stable. I judge this is that, first, the amount of data large (Guo Wan); second, the model category is practical, it is estimated that Baidu still useful, so it will not casually reduce included. However, the only problem appeared in my forgetfulness, forgot to domain name renewal, this website will not exist.


was looking for a new direction, I wanted to re create a model class website and sold the source code in A5, which became a beginning of my reselling of the source code. Because I think, since I also have the need to sell source code data, it proves that other people should have that kind of demand. Then there is still a market for source code trading. Otherwise, the A5 forum source code sales section, so many people crazy top paste is to do what? Make money Bai Bai, can you make money? Of course, who else will do such a strenuous thing?


so I think I just bought immediately reselling the source code, oh, I bought 80 pieces (more than 10 thousand data), sold 50 pieces each, posts, there are so many people add my QQ consultation and buy a turnover of 2 copies. A few more copies came out in the second day. I was not in the [source code] section to sell to sell, but in the [trading] website forum to sell, but you will soon be found [source code] move to sell forum. Oh, but I found, or in the web site to sell the forum is the best selling, do not know why, probably because the source code section too much garbage, all there is affixed to the top, see dizzy weak feet.

because of the interests of the stimulus, my son so much, but the beginning is stupid, is affixed to the top, for a long time to hold the forum, as a top post have the feeling of someone with QQ, the effect is obvious. Ha-ha。 But this time let the original to my friend found him, plus my QQ, and then asked me: is not to take his code reselling! Oh, I said "yes, you did not say before I do not allow reselling!" but this really feel feel shy ah, though, A5 is already operating in it is a normal thing, figure king said someone by reselling the source, a month earn tens of thousands, I began to do not believe, but I believe, I am lazy, the month earned 1500 yuan, if it is to do it professionally, certainly may earn tens of thousands, and now I just sell the data did not involve commercial source code.

so I found a lot of source code to sell >

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