Local decoration materials crisis site

with the development of the Internet, online shopping has been designed from all walks of life, the world building site, Taobao Home Furnishing, Home Furnishing, to home appliance industry, Gome online mall, a variety of products relating to the decoration, decoration materials rely on local traditional network advertisement survival station has a crisis, they rely on a huge industry Home Furnishing households the price advantage, forcing local websites must change the profit model.


users want to buy building materials decoration, it can be said that around the store, to see if there is no discount information from local industry website, see the appropriate price of the product will go to buy, but with the rapid development of express industry, Home Furnishing industry portal products for national distribution, most of their products are factory direct sales in the and the sales price, because of the lack of local agents than intermediate links, but also offer a lot of building materials stores. And after the purchase of express delivery soon will be on the door. The local website, on their website all products are from the local agents to get the general business reasons not disclosed the reserve price, even get upset and industry portal site than up, nor any concessions, because local agents will not lose money to sell products.

if the products on the website there is no price advantage, that someone will buy it, for a long time, businesses will feel advertising and online sales on the website of the effect is not what effect, advertising will not be put in place, then the decoration materials website survival is very difficult, so the old profit model to change. The original online sales must be transformed into offline sales model, so as to survive and buy face to face, I believe businesses will be happy to sponsor.

many businesses, it can be said that the decoration company is keen on local websites, a lot of decoration and building materials has launched a website, free design, free room decoration, online bidding business, the need for the decoration of the netizen said, very convenient. The user may need to decorate, and decoration companies to talk about cooperation, but the decoration of the building materials industry, decoration company is only a small part of the home appliance market, building materials, furniture, the remaining and if this free design combine to make the site a comprehensive business development, because the purchase of building materials furniture, is needed if the site personnel collocation, face to face to the Internet service, combined with the designer’s advice, help them to choose building materials and furniture appliances, provide a way of service, so as to make the whole site business full flowering, walk out of predicament. This article by the music network ( original, reproduced please bring links.

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