Copy operation decoding why do you write the copy does not go

many people write copy is very painful, writing for a long time to hold out a little, you are not satisfied, very not easy to wait until you feel able to look at, sent out after the user not only do not buy it, but will not help you to spread the low amount of reading dismal sales.

in fact, most of the text did not not in lack of skill, but not "heart".

is also a text, why people can go to go to the kidney, and you can only effect the dismal


today, starting with the mechanics of user understanding of copywriting, let you thoroughly understand the difference between them.

illustrates how users process copywriting

what is the process of the brain after receiving the information,



people’s eyes to see the information, will pass the message to the brain, the brain is not directly to the information stored in memory or wholly intact to decide, but after the brain processing, finally get a feeling, this feeling and began to see the information is not the same.


For example, when people see the text "

XX headset, extraordinary sound", the brain will not immediately write down these 8 words, but through its past cognition, understanding, into a kind of feeling, this feeling may be:

"you’re extraordinary,"


"I haven’t heard of it,"

"what is the extraordinary quality of sound,"


"what? What did you say just now?" (no impression)

different users will have different feelings, but to be sure, it must not be "XX headphones," "extraordinary sound quality", and the approximate rate is the last kind of impression.

this is a typical representative of the Swiss do not copy, no user watching what impression, not what mood, not remember your brand, won’t produce any action (buy / download / attention / forwarding).

why does this kind of writing end up like this,


is concerned with the brain’s mechanisms for processing information.

since the feelings are processed, we are going to go deep into the mechanism by which the brain processes information.

people who know some computer principles know that in a simplified computer model, the input signals are processed by the CPU and processed to get the information they need.

similarly, there are areas in the brain that are responsible for processing information into feelings, and we call it a "decoder".


knows this kind of place

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