How to do a good job of user experience in local commercial websites is worthy of cultivation

"Hey, neighbors, good morning!" every day when you get up and turn on your cell phone QQ, when you see this greeting, a long lost "neighborhood" relationship is gaining momentum in the community QQ group. In the WeChat business micro circle of friends is "left right flicker scraper violence, micro business disappeared, friend relationship is weak, and many communities have QQ group with the real estate expansion of new residential slowing new residential area with the kindergarten, primary school overcrowding, vibrant community residents exchanges the topic of community QQ group at this time quietly become an important stage of social community.

local website from four major portals and development, there is the webmaster, however, the four portals now almost all profit point is not news, but the game, video, micro-blog (after the profit or no profit, say) etc.. Blindly chasing the four news websites behind the local news sites, the days are not happy, and if some sites do not rely on the local "relationship", it is estimated that can not afford to go down. Local commercial website how to maintain exuberant connections, in the website marketing promotion, community QQ group is worth cultivating.


local commercial website cultivate community QQ group advantages

local commercial website with community QQ group promotion has two advantages, one is geographical advantage is obvious. The development of the Internet, many people are concerned about their own things around, everyone in the media era, the mobile phone can keep the strange things happening around, through the mobile phone QQ and QQ community neighbors share a community service to users, see the community on the wall of his community plan, suddenly thought of his walk in the square a few days ago, someone asked myself a community building where, because each building shape is the same, cannot come back to it. And this plan clearly marked the community floor number, so he readily use the phone to shoot down, sent to QQ group, and soon got the group of neighbors praise!


community QQ group second advantages, we have common concern, that is close to the livelihood of the people. Many businesses found that the age of the Internet in the advertisement, the fragmentation of time has occupied the most people’s lives, from the media to people’s attention and differentiation of more and more detailed, and some focus on the topic of people’s livelihood, but enduring. For example, in the community QQ group, a group of friends said that his family’s apple can not sell, and he pulled a car apple at the community gate, I hope you help a busy neighbor. Soon, get fast response in the QQ group, once apple taste, price, and the group of friends thanks inundated, "Zhongbang" is a original intention of community residents to join the group, of course, some people want to be able to find a group through sustenance, but rely on, in the commercial era especially the "city culture across the neighbors did not know", community residents also want to have a suitable means of communication, the community seems to be as QQ naturally or half unconsciously.

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