Wang Chenqiu share LED industry website optimization promotion case

The era of

e-commerce has made the world smaller, and the links between enterprises have become very small. The Internet has brought us a lot of convenience, and the connections between enterprises also need the support of the Internet. Therefore, as a modern enterprise, we must communicate with the whole country and the world through the internet.

enterprises do online e-commerce, not simply think of plugging into the Internet, the computer can access the internet. Enterprises want to do e-commerce, you must first build a business website. I received the construction site Nanjing Mingxi electronic technology limited company shortly before the task. Through the construction of the website, do a good job in network marketing, better enterprise for the Internet to become the primary task.

construction site, you must do a good job of Web site demand analysis, web site, object-oriented and a series of problems, only in this way can be targeted. After a good website construction, through a series of means to do optimization and promotion work, and eventually bring enterprises flow and orders. The following is my website construction of Nanjing Mingxi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., website optimization and pre and post work.

: the first Nanjing Mingxi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a specialized production LED display, LED lighting engineering and LED module, LED unit boards and LED components wholesale enterprises. So we’re going to be working on these products.

second: in order to save time and cost, the enterprise website does not require extensive programming, so we have to find the source of the enterprise website is? When we find the right website source code, download the machine running, front page and back analysis program, database modifications, the following began to change the site Title the title, keywords, description. The website headline or may affect the overall effect of the website, I discuss with company executives, executives also said they are on the market in Nanjing, so Title in Nanjing LED LED display unit board LED module LED lighting engineering Nanjing Mingxi electronic technology limited company "and then to the virtual host in the written description of the website upload. The site is up to date.

third: after the website is built, do not put in that no matter. We want to play the role of marketing, we must do optimization and promotion, the promotion of the site a lot of ways, I’m mainly talking about through the website keyword optimization or good ranking, increase the exposure of the site. Key words there are two forms of promotion, one is Baidu’s PPC, and the other is the website’s SEO. Bidding here we do not consider, our purpose is to do the optimization work.

fourth: we have written in the title of the site, in fact, have fixed the key words, for " Nanjing LED display " the main keywords. We submit the submission of major search engines, especially Baidu. The work below is very simple. First to find the major forums, because large forums update speed, Baidu included fast, spider crawling frequently. So we find Hao River forum and the Huai River.

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