The 7 trick is to make your blog stand out

There are millions of blogs in the

network, which are topics that can be imagined and are increasing every day. How to make your blog rubbing out? I would like to say is not a little speculation as to attract users to a few seconds, but to his own blog, real, long-term talent shows itself


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1 actually the simplest secret personality, this is the quickest way to do it. It’s easy to walk your own way. It sounds a bit cheesy though. You are a unique person and express your own opinion in your own voice. Share your true feelings, not follow them.

The expression of

2 way if you don’t have a new theme, then find a new way of expression, a change of tone, you can try to use humorous tone to describe, or spend a little effort to create a video blog. The key to this approach is not new content, but old themes and new ways of expression.

3 interaction builds relationships with your readers, making sure that this part of the faithful reader will often come to visit your blog. Take their advice and tell them that their opinions are valuable to you, although sometimes these opinions are useless. If your readers feel that they have some kind of investment in your blog, they may come back over and over again. But if you ignore your readers, they will forget you, just as you forget them.

4 publicity mad slave propaganda your blog, the competition is so fierce, if you want to keep your blog can forever you must do this, talent shows itself, with all that you know, channel. To improve popularity, blogging marketing is a long job that builds slowly over time. Of course, the way I say applies to the client’s blog, too.

5 participate in the media as much as possible, and write a new title for your selected article. For me, if a title is enough to interest me, I’ll definitely go and order it. But, if the content is not what the title says, or something that is boring. Don’t worry, I’ll never order it again.

6, if you’re not the best in the industry, don’t worry too much because there are too many blogs that want to succeed. You should focus on the details of your blog and make your blog feel like a visitor. There will always be bread.

Don’t forget your

7 blog landscaping design, you must ensure that your blog from the vision to win, it is best to give visitors a glance to remember that next time you come, he had the impression that he had come to this blog, so he will remember it.

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