Symptom talking about the function design of website

The importance of

1. site functionality

The function design of

website plays a very important role in the construction of the website. It is the most core step in the whole website planning. Design new and powerful functions, for the construction of the website and promotion marketing, this is a key link, without it, it can be said that the construction and promotion of the website is difficult. At the same time, the number of functions and the quality of the website reflect the strength of a development team and the strength of an enterprise.

The availability of

2. site functionality

Designing a new feature on the

site is really an exciting thing. But if the design of the new function is never used to contact users before, it is really a tough thing for users to adapt to this function again. But if the new feature is really what users need urgently, it’s not difficult for users to transition from their original habits to this new feature. If only a few people on the site would use it, or it would look strong and actually use a lot of stuff, I think users would definitely be confused. I don’t think many users will be patient enough to learn and explore your new features. Then they stopped visiting your station. Then again pretty powerful will make people feel far behind. How big is the difference between a powerful vase and a functional increase or renewal that requires a step-by-step process?. Your sudden change of face can make the user feel at a loss. So, when designing and developing new functions or website revisions, you should try to simplify and make the user feel no change, but in fact you have been quietly changing.

too many web entrepreneurs, just look at the new functional benefits, ignoring the availability of the whole system, you know, every time you add a new function, it will give the other all the functions of the inconvenience, reducing the availability of the whole system. Spend a lot of money and time, do a lot of new features, but found that fewer and fewer users, is not worth the candle,

?The usefulness of

3. site functionality

has many web sites that are designed to be simple and sparse, and therefore unable to attract users. So, does it mean that the more functions a website has, the better it is,


we say that the website has a wealth of functionality that demonstrates the strength of the site, but this powerful foundation does not affect the professional image and core image of the entire site. Is not the website function better, is not available, or function of complex design will only be affected the overall image of the tuoyouping website.

I think practicality is different from usability. Many of the functions are available, but usability does not represent usability for the entire site. The functionality of the utility is a meaningful function for the user to use the site, a function that serves as the core of the site’s thought. Every one of those functions. What is the point? Function needs for the website operation, if the website function >

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