Talk about what did for Baidu in B2B rankings

due to the recent no work is idle, on the construction of a mechanical B2B website, the program is not what I wrote (I do art), I bought up in Taobao, as the program is ASP, as long as the change of CONN database, and then spread to the data on the run, then change it the website information can be online. After the online site, I can start, how to do rankings on Baidu, in doing rankings, the first to do ranking work:

1. Find popular keywords, because it is mechanical and electrical equipment network, then the key word should be mechanical and electrical, mechanical and electrical equipment, mechanical and electrical equipment network, not long tail words.

2. I turned the page in the TABLE into DIV, so you can remove a lot of junk code, accelerate the speed of opening the website, write DIV, some elements, can optimize the page such as ALT, title, I believe that we all know, there is a trick, is to let your keys, in page is the head, tail, the three, must have the appropriate keyword, remember the keyword content not exactly the same!

3. Is the head of the page in the keywords and Description: now write keywords if the effect is not very good, but description still have the effect, so at the time of this writing, not imitation look at colleagues is how, you can appropriate reference, to write naturally, don’t write a lot of words.

these work is done, and then is looking for links, and I look for links experience:

1. Find links, it is best to find content related to the site and do links

2. Looking for peers find Links, also want to see how the other web site: Baidu snapshot update time is not the first day of the snapshot, if there is such a site is preferred, because Baidu snapshot updated daily website, if you have Links, Baidu spider will climb to your site come on! You can also update the website data


3. In line with the previous 2 conditions, the priority selection export links less sites, so you can be assigned to the weight will be more!


4. I believe that most people, when looking for Links, generally early for good, no longer find, this is not very good, Links with content is almost the same, to 1 weeks to find a few links, don’t add too much, a week around 3 can be

more than something done, the next step is to update the content, because the B2B website, the content of home will be more, if you do not update only a few information, the best effect, update every day more than 20 articles! No product content, can send some industry information, or other press to update your home page information.

, let me grab a picture for you to read

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