The vast world to self website

has been interested in finding a website, choosing space, selecting programs and changing codes has flooded most of my amateur life. When I have time, I sit in front of the computer, busy and dizzy. Remember the first time you were familiar with ASP, you found a free space. Space does not allow FTP upload, only supports web upload, and upload up to 30 files at a time. There are hundreds of good ASP program files and a bunch of pictures. The upload has been completed for two or three hours. Procedures used for two days, dissatisfied with the world to find, find good, pass with tired, delete, so boring, similar to the work done by Cici Fuss, they have to do it. In the end, we decided to use it, and from 2005 to 2006 it took a lot of twists and turns. But suddenly it went down.

last April, for some reason, I pulled down a website that I’d been doing for two years. A dog for two years still has to give birth to deep feelings, not to mention it. Seeing two years child care website instantly turned into the water, then this is what feel helpless. Changed a blog program, but did not really prepare what to write. I knew my ability to write articles as if I were singing, and I felt embarrassed even to sing to myself in the dark. Just two years, accustomed to wandering around the network, the first brake, afraid to stand still. I do psychological comfort.

daily maintenance blog (thin ass pull hard feces). Oh, vulgar. ) go around the station and watch it (most of the time diving), hang QQ (rarely chat, do not know what to say), and the days just fade away. Holiday, nothing to do, just in front of the TV, computer sloshing. One day when watching TV, I do not know why I have the idea of restoring the website suddenly. With irresistible impulse to sit before the computer, delete the blog program done in one vigorous effort to change the original.

was all done, they have some stare blankly. If is the doings of ghosts and gods in their constant, seems to be.

Time went by., time passed in the Internet to work day in and day out, dull and full. But suddenly tired of some dissatisfaction. The space that is being used is actually very good, just want to change a change. Baidu, the virtual hosting provider has found a lot. Registration applications, pass the trial, busy for a number of days, but in the end, not the price is inappropriate, that is, the operation is not easy. The mobile program that is being used is very powerful, but also want to change suddenly. Looking for similar functions, less of a look, not the program loopholes, more is too thin. I looked at it in another language, and I didn’t know where to begin. Half a month later, still in the space busy, still using that program site.

now, finally, everything is settled. Not only changed the space, but also changed the program. Do not know whether the revision is good or bad, I do not know whether all personal webmaster is so. Hurry, in exchange for poor toss. Everything goes with the flow.


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