Taobao marketing strategy Cheats Blue Ocean niche market

two days before a netizen told me that their Tmall store is 09 years, in 10 years when the top20. do now is that the boss opened 6 Tmall stores, only a flagship store in the entire store do pay promotion, monthly sales to reach 1000, the rest of the the shops are no money promotion. Taobao’s market development is so evident.

for now, if you choose to sell Volkswagen’s baby, basically what you can do is run cheap. In the early stage, the sales were done at a loss and then sold at a higher price. This is the food in the jaws of death, your investment will be large.

is often just entering an industry, and our strength is not very strong, but if we want consumers to choose our products, then we must be able to show our competitive advantage. About competition advantage, here will talk about blue ocean market.

blue ocean market

simply speaking, blue ocean market is a relatively small market competition. Why do we choose this kind of market, because this market can highlight our competitive advantage?. Also invested 100 thousand dollars, you enter into more than 5 million sellers in the market, you can say without qualification, but compared with those you most sellers can only invest 10 thousand dollars, you’re ten times, you can do the best products, the most affordable price, consumers certainly choose you.

Now a lot of Taobao

is more sellers who burst models, this is eliminating the need for the cost of trial and error, but it also makes you can barely even live from hand to mouth, hunger and a full meal would die. Li Leiting believes that we must constantly innovate, from the selection of products, marketing model, marketing channel choice, it is not a simple imitation, but to be able to find their own way, each paths are to be able to demonstrate their competitive advantage.

niche niche in blue ocean products

in general, we refer to the blue ocean market, and more is to start from product differentiation, to identify user needs, improve product characteristics, in order to meet part of the user. Mainly in the known market space operating by large enterprises to ignore the market segments.

these products market capacity is often relatively large, often need from the market research, market research, production, sales and other aspects of the investment is still relatively large, not small, sellers can afford.

what we can do is there is a niche market. There is always a niche market, with the development of the Internet, shopping convenience, people buy products not only popular choice, but more willing to choose those products more in line with their personality. A long tail theory can be used here.


from the yellow part of the picture, we can see that a maximum number (product) is multiplied by A.

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