Start with the 5 goals of identifying your site’s goals to make your site more worth clicking

you may have good content to share with your web site visitors, but if you don’t help them find them, they don’t exist. This article will help you plan the layout, structure, navigation and wording of your web site to make your site more interesting, less confusing, and more click through.

"worth clicking on" what does it mean? In addition to the general sense of "click and browse / read", also means that the user can quickly find the information you want to find them, and take what you want them to take action.

1. starts with identifying your site’s goals,

before you start a web site or even open PS, please stop and ask yourself: "what is the goal of this site?"

, for example:

do you want to increase the sale of online products,


do you want people to make an appointment,


do you want your content to attract more readers,


if there are three different business owners with these different goals, they should set up three very different types of websites. They should be different in terms of the layout, content, structure, and technology that the site chooses.

when you find your overall goal, please study more and more deeply questions like the following list. Here, let me say again, before you figure out the answers to these important questions, don’t start making your website, looking for a theme, or planning an outlet. Note that the following different simulation questions can change the design of a website to a great extent:

simulation question 1: if my visitors can do one thing while visiting my website, and can only do this, what do I want them to do?

simulation answers A:

– I want them to find a product in a big catalog and buy that product.

compare answers, B:

– I hope people can make an appointment to see me. Once they come to my office, sales are almost certain.

simulation question 2: how can I help my visitors do that,


simulation answers A:

– my store has 300 products, I’m going to break them into different categories and allow users to filter the types of products they’re looking for.

– I want to set up a search bar in a very clear position.

– I’m going to put my shopping cart where it’s easy to find.

– I want to give a special coverage of the product category on my home page.

– I want my visitors not to give priority to talking about my company’s web design, and not all of them at the same time

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