Seven ways to promote the WeChat public number


, now the public is fire, according to WeChat official data show that every about 2000000 new public number, WeChat public number has reached 80 million of the total number of public, visible WeChat has become the industry trend, there are so many public number of comrades every day in all kinds of place to hang a two-dimensional code, for attention. For listening, of course there are some marketing executives and marketing banner, around a trickster. What general claiming to be the "new media master", "XXX", the author of the book "Peking University XXX institute director" and "secretary general" what do people rely on training, and what course, earn money, and you can learn what can make nothing of it.

in fact, plainly, not what WeChat marketing training needs, many methods are on-line, but many good methods that you do not know, here the author according to their own experience, to provide some of today’s most fans up marketing methods for everyone.

high quality article


in the public number, can bring a lot of fans, don’t say, is certainly a good article, sometimes a good article can bring at least tens of thousands of fans, this is the experience of the author is very deep, once an article on public mobile Internet on my day. Bring me 2000 fans. Therefore, writing or publishing high-quality articles can bring considerable fans to the public. In the end, how does a high-quality article come? It depends on your positioning of the public number and your industry judgment.

forwarding friends circle

We all know that WeChat

, the public number of fans from the circle of friends, many articles diffusion through the circle of friends, causing dozens of times more than the number of reading service, so how to achieve the high number of reading times, which is the conversion rate, it is forwarded to the circle of friends, to more people the number of forwarding, therefore, depends on the number of your circle of friends, so a lot of friends and forwarded to the public number of articles is the most fans can improve the method, the premise of this method is to add friends, some friends with at least tens of thousands.

builds a high traffic blog

actually, want to increase the number of fans from the media, you’d better build a media and from one of the blog, because the articles from the media search engine is generally not caught, and the blog article is to search the cause can catch, the search engine could bring the amount of reading is very high, at the same time in the blog it is a two-dimensional code, so the search engine to visitors can scan two-dimensional code easily seen in two-dimensional code, become your fans. It is reported that, especially those who used to write blogs before, plus the amount of blog visits, it is easy to be a public number of forty thousand or fifty thousand fans.

EDM marketing

when I was making the mobile Internet WeChat public number, one of the methods I used was EDM marketing. Since I used to participate in industry meetings, I changed a lot of business cards. There are probably four thousand or five thousand

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