The voice of a web site novice

remember, I used to be just an Internet cafe every day. I can only play games!


there was a girl I loved so much. That was my first love, but… It wasn’t written,

, she left me out of my mind to play the game, because she used to be with me every game!


a chance, I came to the Webmaster Station, found that all the webmaster article,

instant webmaster this never appeared in my mind words, deep branded in my heart,..

I decided to learn how to build a website to enrich my boring Internet time without playing games.

started as a novice, really difficult, and after countless times to give up, and finally built a no technical content of the station

because I’m a star fan, I like the hype, so I’ve got the entertainment theme

site without traffic, basically every day on my own to see, but I still update content every day, some people may say that such a station to do what,

really, I got a lot from my own website, and learned a lot. It wasn’t just about the Internet. It was enriching me,

some people will think I’m stupid…

some people say that the site will make money ah, put advertising ah, promotion ah. Pull flow ah.. I hope my station flow up, but I don’t mean him to make money!


I will always do so, not because they do not make money off him, incoherent. Incoherent will see


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