What kind of website content can be king

most businesses and individuals do a web site, not just to let people know: I’m a web site, without any source of web revenue. Whether your website profit model, is to rely on advertising alliance click, CPS commissions, service fee or charge membership fees, or through the website marketing your product, the most basic needs are the same: the content of the website. Content is king, we may listen to the ears of cocoon, and that in the end what kind of content for the king,


the information people want to see

you write the theme, if anyone cares about? Often write their own website content, often see when web traffic data may find some articles, people often search out, and some articles, although the search engines, and ranking is good, but is never seen. No search. Take Xiong’s blog as an example. I wrote a method to call Youku videos on my website and remove the Youku logo when calling. As a result, I can see my articles every day through search. I also wrote a Firefox browser and IE browser for HTML annotation code difference, but it seems that no one cares about this, naturally no one to see.

if you want to pass your article to the introduction of traffic, you need to know you in that field, people generally care about what topic? Around this topic, written with the user search habits of the article, that is the information people want.

avoid duplicate content

right now, our article is just what people need, but it probably won’t be seen. Here, for the time being, the old customers and repeat customers of the website, we only say visitors coming through search engines. A topic, tens of thousands of websites, will write a lot of, even if you are high-quality original, but also by the search engine included, but not necessarily will have a good ranking. If you are doing a mobile site, want to write a smart phone brand introduction, but this topic in Baidu has been able to ferret out a lot, and in this case, your article is difficult to row in the front. So we need another way: for example, intelligent mobile phone Top10, the world’s ten largest smart mobile phone brands like, although there is no such word intelligent mobile phone this word search volume, but at least found these words people can have hope to see your article, and you write a smart mobile phone, may have no chance to set exposure.

wants to each article you write may have been searched, the best to develop a good habit: when determining an article, first in Baidu, Google in the search for the title, to avoid repeating the title and content. For example, writing this article, in fact, the most appropriate title is: what kind of content can be king, but this title already exists, so I replaced this one now. I did the same thing when I was working on a company website.

The gold content of the

article ultimately determines the client’s movements,

I used to search for Baidu

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