The decline of YAHOO portal site the most deep seated epitaph

in many people’s hearts, YAHOO has been dead for a long time, but when it completely farewell, but still can not help feeling a bit sad. YAHOO, the Internet age tycoon, ended 4 billion 830 million years of her brilliant and regretful 22 with an end to an era.


YAHOO, the beginning of an era,

in 1994 to pursue a PhD at the Stanford University Yang Zhiyuan and David Filo, · think of a help early user navigation on the Internet, and founded the Yahoo Corp. In just one year, YAHOO has expanded to nine gates, with 1 million hits per day.

in 1996, YAHOO raised $133 million 800 thousand to go public. Over the next 4 years, YAHOO grew at an alarming rate. The stock has gone about 100 times, and the market value has exceeded $100 billion. It has become the first company in the Internet industry with a market value of over one hundred billion dollars.

started from a navigation site, then gradually expanded search, mail, shopping and news content and other services, by collecting web advertising fees, YAHOO created a free era of information services. Affected by YAHOO, a variety of portals have emerged, China’s three major portals have also been established and achieved success.

total collapse of one hundred billion Empire

‘s successful YAHOO is busy expanding its business in all its aspects, hoping to become bigger and stronger, but a new generation of start-ups are focusing on refining a product. Big and not fine, has become a common problem of YAHOO’s business. Soon, YAHOO lost to eBay in the auction, lost to Craigslist in classified ads, and lost to Google in search. Facebook then replaced YAHOO as the browser home for millions of people. YAHOO’s dominance from the Internet is moving towards mediocrity.

from the Internet bubble burst in 2000, YAHOO fell 90% market capitalization began, YAHOO gradually decline. Stock prices continued to fall, once fell below $10; revenue, from 2008 to 2015 for seven consecutive years of decline; advertising revenue has been YAHOO’s lifeline, but with the advent of the Google and Facebook, YAHOO in the global online advertising market share fell from 20% to 3%, YAHOO has lost almost all of the advertising market share.

because of the transformation of the poor, business seriously shrinking, YAHOO as early as a few years ago came the news of the sale. And after numerous struggles, rescue and rebirth, the once billion Empire still failed to change its fate and sold its core business.

has billions of empire finally become the Internet community "Titanic", news, search, email, these once proud capital has become a declining epitaph, YAHOO and makes changes >

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