Web keyword selection skills

for an enterprise, the selected keywords must of course be related to their products or services. Don’t listen to propaganda that attracts more visits by irrelevant hot keywords, which is not only unethical, but pointless. Imagine a person looking for "Monica Lewinsky". Would you be interested in the soy sauce you produced? Of course not. Must admit, sometimes this approach does improve the site visits, but since your purpose is to sell products, not to provide free hearsay, then rely on this to increase traffic cheating, what is the use of


selects the specific keyword


in the selection of key words and a little note, is to avoid the meaning of the words with broad general as the main keywords, but according to your business or product categories, as far as possible to select specific words. For example, a manufacturer of woodworking machines, "Carpenter Tools" is not the appropriate keywords, "Chain Saws" may be a wise choice.

some people may ask, since the "Carpenter Tools" is a collective noun, covering the manufacturers of all products, why not? We take Carpenter Tools to Google a try, you will find that the search results in more than 6 digits (the actual number was 189000), that is to say you want to have nearly 200000 competitors! In so many competitors and talent shows itself is almost "mission impossible". On the contrary, the search results under Chain Saws are much less (69800), and you have more opportunities ahead of your competitors.

uses longer keywords,

and query information as much as possible to use the word morphology opposite, in submitting the site, we’d better use the word longer form, such as can use "games" when, as far as possible not to choose "game"". Because search engines support multiple word forms or broken word queries, the choice of "games" ensures that your web pages can be retrieved in search of "games" and "game".

don’t forget the wrong word,

many of the articles on how to choose the keywords mentioned in particular are misspelled words, such as "contemorary modern coffee tables", remind us not to forget to include them in keyword selection. The theory is that some words are often users misspelled, considering not usually with typos as the target keywords themselves, so if you find a clever trick, the wrong spell the word optimize your page, so when it came to the user to search for typos, you will stand tall in the superior. The forefront of the search results


is that really the case? First of all, let’s look at what the above example is wrong

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