Web site development direction

URL station development direction, perhaps many webmaster have more or less have done one or more web site, so you should seriously read this paste, oh,.


1., your URL station program and source code, is not in the download, modify the copyright on the put, (website success rate plus 1%)

2., your website has no outstanding function, such as excellent station search, if there is (website success rate plus 5%)

3. do you have an exclusive URL sorting algorithm for your web site? If yes (10% plus


4. do you have excellent programming support for your web site, if yes (website success rate plus 5%)

5., your web site has: set as home page, add collection, malicious code, pop-up window, if there is (website success rate minus 5%),

6., your website can not trouble free, stable operation for more than a year, every one year (website success rate plus 10%)

7., your web site, there is no webmaster support, is not included in the premise is to you do links, to do links (website success rate minus 5%)

8., does your website have a very catchy domain name like hao123, if (website success rate plus 10%)


9., your web site, there are no 265 so much money smashed ads and registered domain name, if there is (website success rate plus 5%)


10., does your website have a website culture core? Promote word of mouth and propaganda language, if it is good (website success rate plus 10%)

now if you really want to catch up with the web site level hao123, you should be ten times more than it hard Oh, I wish you a web site to 2010! Found a garbage site: bao789 {www.bao789.cn} computer home page web site development direction! Please know that they supplement!!!

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