Speaking of acquisitions nothing more than to leave a good retreat for their product chain

now together with the acquisition of Internet events, mergers and acquisitions between them continue to shine, investors eyes, whether in their own ecological chain to patch up development, or from the side paving the way for the listing. Now seems to have entered the era of capital oligarchs. An obvious product, even if it can obtain the user’s favor, the last to get more ice breaking development, or to use the involvement of capital, which is the development of the Internet today.

now the field of mergers and acquisitions, from social to business, from friends to the game, from desktop to mobile, many types of participation began to form, rely on this diversified product summary and coverage of a chain, meet everyone’s needs, has catered to more technology giant investment perspective. Therefore, from this point of view, who do more mergers and acquisitions, who is more nervous about the future, the more urgent sense.

so, Ali’s acquisition from unfamiliar street, Ding Ding concessions began to enter the layout of the era of development, Ali’s three platform strategy is also repeated over and over again, their importance to the product chain. The platform, financial data, and seemingly related system actually need to be more complete product of ecological development and retention, unless you want to do Taobao giant, somewhat tell some fantastic tales.

so when you see the merger happened, I feel not too surprised and curious, that future products will be as a whole unit, rather than independent products, actually this kind of view is one-sided. As the title said, now the merger is in fact more in order to give themselves a posterior approach, because the product attributes become more and more complex, expand their performance is getting better, just a platform to expand out of a function can seckill an independent technology products, as WeChat to APP developers fear. This is all the acquisition center, product diversification, stay a few road, in order not to let the opponent strangling the throat.

of course, ideas and practices should not avoid giant pure, make a few more related products is to make full use of incoming traffic, as if under the line, Wanda Plaza, opened such a platform, equipped with dining, entertainment, shopping and other aspects, so do not want to people buy clothes for a movie, let people eat ice cream to play games, this was not because the product attributes across the opening a new mobile phone store or a brand shop beatenfall.

left posterior section can be said to be the development of the smart move, but also from the side to foil the stage of their flagship product is backward, as Taobao, although Taobao mode realize many people dream of gold, but the Taobao model is relatively backward search system and the presentation of how many will be left to their own problems. Sometimes, some online recruiters ask me why our own industry isn’t involved in the acquisition. I would be joking to say that the China talent net was not bought? Is this enough?.

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