The rugged road of local websites from the user experience to where

and do not talk about the first place when the site was born, the local site of the initial stage, that is, 10 years, at that time the local web site mainly to local portals as the core, radiation categories of local sites. Remember when the site of the site, in order to let the web site has content, regardless of the night for the site to add all kinds of content, at that time the user experience occupy more than half of the local site operations.

After entering the 11 year of

, the core parts of the website vary from one to many into many to many local sites competing to seize the user strike violently, has become the only way for the local website. Media advertising, the reality of flyers are the promotion of local sites means, but also because of the 11 years of mutual competition, there has been a relatively stable period of 12 years.

in 12 years, local site competition intensity has attenuation, especially after the portal, large classification of seized finished, many personal Adsense has stretched hand to seize the existing resources, so there is a flower bloom situation of website of local industries, and at this time many local websites advertising volume soared but, the content quality plummeted, which caused many users would rather believe the net is not going to the local network classification situation.

website 13 years where there is a new change, a part of personal webmaster mind was alive, they do not only need small local subject, and the reality of the word, the key content of this paper is: the local site in the end where is the way? Do we really have to abandon the user experience to marry more advertisers


local website operations should be based on localization, doping parts of different content, and promote the coordinated development of the site

, a local website, what we want to classification information website, and what we lost to the classified information website, webmaster friends go according to their own names + second-hand housing search, see if it is classified information network occupy the local website ranking, in the face of this kind of situation should we not be these rankings back then, it appeared the localization problem, why do we place no website ranking, because of the localization efforts is not high enough, the first thing as a local website we have to do is to do the localization:

1, adhere to the localization, hire professionals to collect the latest local news and information, my city is the city of Zhenjiang, in order to make localized content, I specifically hired two salesman holding the camera riding the streets run, and then copy the information on time every day to write hand, finally the copywriter writing appears, this is my website can be a part of the occupation of Zhenjiang home;

2, absorption of foreign elements in our website localization under the guidance should also absorb foreign elements of the closed door policy is harmful, so is our website, as long as the absorption of foreign factors continue to meet the comprehensive development of the site, such as Zhenjiang >

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