Pea pods distribution applications how to go in the future

first cast point of view: the next 1-2 years, the application distribution will not change much, may change the ranking, and some companies die, but the user needs, product form almost. (long term future, Buji)


application distribution platform has three pivots: users, CP (developers), and platforms.

1: users: competition is fierce,

distribution channels are highly homogeneous products, and user switching costs are very low, so their competition is very fierce, and is no longer "product" level of competition. Such products have a pass line, such as the interface is not ugly, smooth running, Download smoothly, resources can be found, as long as the line to achieve this, users use A or B, really no difference.

is now some companies will go to innovation, such as increasing the resource type (music, wallpaper), strengthen the search function, but these functions are not "necessary", there is excellent, but can not. For example, millet app store, very simple ah, what is the download, application management, search, video, wallpaper are not, but does not prevent users as it to puma.

2 and CP (developer): a stable source of income,

CP is the revenue stream of distribution channels, which is divided into two blocks: Games and applications. About the game, the most profitable, channel transportation is very strong, as long as the channel has a volume, the game CP must revolve around, the future will not change much. About the application, can earn some advertising fees, there will be some risk, but it is also a stable source of income. When a product reputation after ignore channel, such as WeChat, Nora, QQ space, these famous products occupy most of the downloads, but not the channel revenue from them. Will pay advertising fees is some tyrant and need to throw money to take the user’s APP, such APP will also exist for a long time in the future.

in short, the distribution of revenue from the distribution channels is stable for some time to come.

3, platform: a father has a good future,

platform here refers to the distribution channels themselves, specifically refers to how they get users. This is currently the most difficult issue of distribution channels. About this problem, is the "Godfather" of the importance, the lyrics to be: not forever in the commotion, love is secure to rely on.

Start at the beginning of

for 13 years, started the first round of reshuffle, the result is one of the earliest established distribution channels out of the game, such as market access, N, mumayi. Why are they out? Because of the awakening of giants and hardware manufacturers, they grab a big piece of cake.

started at the beginning of 14, and is also undergoing a reshuffle, this time the change is not large, but once again to eliminate the weak, the entrance is further concentrated in a few channels above.

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