Site PR value from 2 to 4 experience about

my website PR value from 2 to 4 experience about

my site: Fujian human resources network: www.fjrlzy.com, www.fjhrss.com, www.fjrlzy.com/bbs


took over the site is connected at the end of March, the site of the PR value is 2, and the IP is only about 100


every time I received this site, I began to diagnose, the site of the breakthrough, there are shortcomings of the site itself. After summing up, begin to have certain understanding to the website, undertake correcting to the website.

is now clear and easy to use. It’s kind of cool to get someone to come to my website.

now, after the revision, I began to promote and optimize:

(1) find the same industry website links, and this link and their own web site PR value, preferably at the same level, not necessarily in the home page can also do inside pages;

(2) publicizes the website in the group;

(3) go to some communities to do text chain propaganda;

(4) often updates site information, and the quality is more OK;

(5) slowly extended links to other industries or portals for interchange.

now this site is more than 1000 per day, IP is still good, and it’s growing fast,


best of these, the site’s keywords for certain optimization, and this optimization must be consistent search website.

so I do to July 26th Google PR value update time, really to 4, surprise! Now break through 5! Ha ha


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