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How does

do personal website operations? In fact, I also recently had the idea of the system, before doing some large flow of Web sites, and now those sites have nothing to do with me. Here only a few years of my own experience. What is a good domain name? As short as possible, related to your content, now five of the domain name has been quite good, and they find a business orientation about the domain name, the domain name is Chinese spelling, but also English the original meaning, can also be a simple abbreviation. Middle name – "not as much as possible". Also, of course, the domain name can be as much as possible into com or net, and if you want to get the search engine more attention from the domain name, of course you can register as a org, and if you have the ability to gov (note that only the government can register), search engine weight will be higher a brief note, as far as possible, as far as possible and they are engaged in the content of the website is a good domain name.

if you really have the money, and on the site to focus in my opinion is the best for their own server, the initial cost of several thousand dollars, and then managed to hosting providers well, is the best professional room local Netcom or telecommunications sector, good security measures are also important. Really no money, find a good credit IDC, do not look for those who are not well-known farmers, IDC, because their service does not continue, it will bring you a loss of unexpected big. To find the approximate cooperation after IDC, which is tested on the IP website, this is very easy to do, there is a special tool, and then see how much these sites the PR value, how much is the rank of ALEXA, the search engine included what happens, don’t look for some search engine "K". The website of "neighbors", the website you do as can be imagined, then, the IP search engines do not love to cast to the wind.

, this is the root of the website, if there is no content, even if the domain name is good, SEO again exquisite, to the end is no repeat customers, no site access depth, occasionally someone to come, also can’t keep people. The construction site content must be original idea with you is the same, can not find some good ideas on the site of the process, will rub together, so soon, your website content will be too broad, may obtain all aspects of traffic, but will get a large flow. Good content is a very easy thing, need a lot of energy in the first, even if you don’t have a lot of original things, you have to try on the Internet as "acquisition" of things related to the content on your site, the collection of things, I called the content called "grounding", a website the contents of the "foundation", you will be content in the search engine database more references, also is the opportunity you have more "exposure". The reason for the success of the web site, the most important thing is content, when your site has a certain amount of traffic, but also has a part of the registered user’s time, to try to retain these users is still the content of the method, if >

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